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Dream Doors Franchise Sells £214,000 in a Single Month

Dream Doors Oxford franchisees, Mike and Elaine Hurley, sold £214,000 of kitchens and kitchen makeovers in June.

The Hurley’s have become accustomed to breaking records; a £187,000 month also delivered £69,000 in a single day – daily takings that have yet to be beaten – and, last year, they became the first Dream Doors franchisees to record more than a million pounds in annual sales.

June’s £214,000 takes Dream Doors Oxford to almost three-quarters-of-a-million pounds sold in just over six months and, says owner Mike, there’s plenty more yet to come in.

“I actually quoted for a quarter-of-a-million pounds in June, of which we signed £95,000, with the rest coming from appointments made in previous months,” he says. “We’ve got more than £150,000 of quotes still out there and, with such a good proposition, incredible products and a quality service, I know a large proportion of those will turn into sales. Mike Hurley