"Dream Doors is the Best Thing I Have Ever Done"

Matt Jones, the new owner of Dream Doors Truro, worked as a design technology teacher for 12 years before taking on a franchise. He'd spent some time searching for a business for sale in the West Country, but was struggling to find an opportunity that excited him. Then he stumbled across an existing Dream Doors franchise for sale in Truro and, after researching the kitchen makeover brand in depth, he felt confident the business could meet both his financial and personal goals.

“I wanted to be my own boss and have control over how I work and the money I earn. Dream Doors ticked all the boxes. I have my freedom now, but what's also nice is I’m using some of my old skills as a design technology teacher to help customers design their dream kitchens.”

Matt Jones

Matt admits that quitting full-time employment was quite a risk. He had a young family to support and would be leaving the security of a regular pay packet. What’s more, jumping head first into a business that was already trading - and in an industry in which he’d had no previous experience. But Matt had seen what other Dream Doors franchisees had achieved and, reassured by the brand’s success and its reputation in the franchise industry, he felt the potential rewards far outweighed the risk.

“Dream Doors is the best thing I have ever done.  Sure it can be hard work sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it for what I get out of it. The training provided was top-notch too; I always knew what I had to do and how to act, but I learnt so much during that period that is bound to help me way into the future.”

Matt Jones