How People With No Previous Experience Are Building Half-a-Million Pound Businesses From Scratch

When ex-teacher and active charity trustee, Lesley Wallace, opened her Dream Doors showroom in Berkshire, she’d never sold anything for a living before.

I wanted a different challenge after spending years working with schools and charities. And while my job was rewarding in lots of ways, it was also very restrictive. I believed in this business from the outset, though. A kitchen transformation is such a fantastic idea that anyone who takes pride in their home would be interested in it. And being part of Dream Doors gave us instant credibility with our customers.”

Lesley Wallace

That career change paid off for Lesley as she finished her first year's trading with sales of more than half-a-million pounds. She added to that the following year, bringing husband Adrian on board as well, before increasing turnover to more than £700,000-a-year.

Joining Dream Doors three years ago, Ex-Royal Mail manager, Mark Holmes and his wife Rachael took a step into the unknown, but it was a decision they say they would make again, without hesitation.

“The rewards in this business are tangible, not just financially but emotionally as well. It feels great providing a high-quality service to such incredible people – local homeowners like ourselves. This is the perfect role for us and we love the fact that the business is truly ours. We have never felt more at home whilst working and would happily do it all over again, no questions asked.”

Mark Holmes