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Excluding new stores that are opening every month, Dream Doors has seen average like-for-like growth of 19%. And there have been some exceptional performances from the hard-working home improvement franchise business owners. Mike and Elaine Hurley of Dream Doors Oxford sold a staggering £175,000 in October last year. The couple have won Dream Doors' Franchisee of the Year three years in a row, and were the first franchise owners to achieve £1million in annual sales.

"We don't feel we are doing anything different than we've done before,” says Mike.
“We have a great concept, great products and we deliver on our promises. We're certainly putting in the hours, but the rewards are there. And we've smashed last year's figures already, selling more in a month than some do in a year."

In addition, Dream Doors business franchise owners in Poole have topped £1million for three years in a row, while new showrooms aren’t far behind

Dream Doors Turnover 2010 - 2015


A Dream Doors kitchen facelift is popular with customers for three simple reasons:

  • It saves them time
  • It saves them money
  • It saves them hassle

This means that Dream Doors' services and products are in demand, which means all of its franchisees are in demand. That's what makes Dream Doors profitable for everyone involved.


80 percent of Dream Doors' customer base consists of the 60+ age group. This is the most rapidly growing demographic with the highest proportion of disposable income. Those in the 60+ age group often aren't looking to move house - they simply want to improve what they already have ideally without the disruption of a full re-fit. Dream Doors provides the ideal solution.

Most Dream Doors customers are retired so they're not worried about their job, redundancies or wage cuts. They have often paid off their mortgage and the only way the recession has really affected them is they're now getting very low interest on their savings in the bank.

Customers are happy to spend some of their savings on improving their homes. And they choose Dream Doors because each showroom is run by a local business owner who is backed by a national brand.


What Our Franchisees say

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    Dimitar Sarandev

    “I wanted to be nearer to home with my family but also to have a rewarding and fulfilling career. Dream Doors is the best way of achieving those goals. With my background in design I am looking forward to using those skills in helping people design their new kitchen and transforming kitchens all over North London!”.

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