Dream Doors Poole Have Generated over £1 Million in Just 10 Months

In just ten months, Dream Doors franchisees Clive and Angela Coldwell have generated well over £1million.

Clive and Angela

Dream Doors Poole

In just ten months, Dream Doors franchisees Clive and Angela Coldwell have generated well over £1million.

The owners of the Poole franchise have brought in over £100,000 every month since January.

They attribute their success to the power of the Dream Doors brand and the good reputation they have built up in their own area.

Angela said:

“Now that we’ve been doing this for eight years, we’re much smarter at what we’re doing. We have our advertising channels in place, but to be honest we now generate a lot of business via recommendations and referrals. We’ve got a great team of fitters who have been with us from day one and they’re really experienced at dealing with customers.”

Clive believes a mix of well-managed social media engagement and generating positive word-of-mouth locally are key components of their showroom’s success.

He said:

“It’s all about reputation and encouraging people to find us online and talk about what we’ve done. We get lots of: “You did my auntie’s best friend’s neighbour’s kitchen’ type of thing. But you can’t take anything away from the Dream Doors brand. And that brand awareness keeps on growing. In particular, our internet presence has grown significantly since we started.”

Clive and Angela both worked in large corporate organisations before deciding to pursue a franchising career.

Clive said:

“It was that opportunity to create a proper business – with franchising, it’s about the security you get. We could have set up our own kitchen showroom, but we didn’t have that knowledge or expertise. We didn’t know what to put in the showroom and what to fill it with. When you buy into a franchise, you buy into that knowledge and expertise. We looked at a couple of different things and different companies, but Dream Doors struck us as one that we could grow the most with and achieve the most with. Most franchises are about being a one-man band with a van – that’s not what we wanted. We wanted to grow more than that.”

Clive and Angela certainly have grown, with sales of more than £8million since their launch. Dream Doors has 19 new franchise territories available nationwide, particularly in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Scotland.

Resales are also becoming available as several franchisees are approaching retirement age. Interested parties from anywhere in the UK are encouraged to contact Director of Franchise Recruitment, Alex Waite, on 0808 273 6729.